Thursday, 31 December 2009


Hey folks! I know, I know... It's been a while for the blog updates, lets just say these past two months have been busy and the most overwhelming for 2009. SERIOUSLY! Been finding my feet in various places I'm working, meeting different people and organisations. I've realised I still have a way to go put through all these trials I've been through, has helped me train my mind, become a bit of self-disciplined (trust me, takes time) to form my MASTER PLAN. Will not reveal too much but it's in my reach and it may help me reach further. Just fits like a puzzle really and I'm looking forward to the new year.

All in all 2009 has been a year of challenge, disappointment, and opportunities. The key word really is OVERWHELMING and I feel I have grown, still more to do - you learn new things all the time and you SOOOO should not take that for granted. I can definitely say I have become, more resilient and determined with any knock backs. Can be frustrating and you feel you're going nowhere, but it makes me so much determined... To be honest, I secretly get a buzz out of it...I KNOW NUTS RIGHT?!

Well, I already know what I want career-wise, but really and mostly, I want to enjoy my life in the healthiest and richest form... as in not necessarily financially but just happiness. Eat more healthy, maybe take up my favourite sports more often i.e yoga, badminton and even boxing to channel out the tough days.

Bring on 2010! Going church, then PJ party! What are your plans?? Whatever it is, stay safe, praise and wish you well.


Saturday, 24 October 2009

MELEKA 'GO' ...You go?

Hey ya'll!!
Back from the busy world of work! I would just like to support a lovely young lady who entered the HUGO URBAN RULES last year and won!
Meleka is the UK’s brightest and hottest new talent with her debut single ‘Go’ currently causing a storm across radio waves and dancefloors across the UK and online.

Once you hear Meleka's fresh, irresistible vocals and her passionate song writing ability you'll understand why others are referring to her as a cross between Brandy and a young Ella Fitzgerald.

Go” will be released on Mon 26th Oct and will feature remixes including a 'refix' from Booda Bassline, and additional mixes from Diamond ft Tinie Tempah, and Doug McCourt. The video for ‘Go’ was directed by Ben Jones who started directing three years ago and was signed to Partizan films. He is now represented for Music videos by Davey Inc and previous work includes videos for The Streets, Lily Allen, Oasis and Example.

I personally wish her all the best, such a fresh talent with what I think a bright future ahead of her. Hope she becomes one of the pioneer vocalists of the funky house as it's increasingly growing.

Checkout the dramatic video. BOYS! Take note... THIS.IS.WHAT.HAPPENS.WHEN.YOU.MESS.AROUND.WITH.GOOD.GIRLS...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Memoirs of a London Sket - Rochelle, Rochelle...

I just read another episode of this blogspot. I must say... (in disgust) I know this is a fictional story and this is probably derived from true stories. But... it's still shocking how young girls these days engage in relationships with men. It's soul destroying to read let alone go through that. I was just reading even one chapter, I had to skip it because it was a very detailed account of a gang bang. In order to be accepted in her 'friend's' clique and be 'protected' she had to engage with 16 dudes!!! So sad :( Really protected?? PROTECTED? They are not going to do anything for her, she'll just be a 'bitch' to them! Plus, she still obsessed with sex after all that crap thats happened!

So frightening and it really highlights that madness like this goes on. Brings it back to when I was in Secondary school quite a few girls were sexually active. Don't know how much trouble they may have got themselves into but... I did know a few girls got abused. One got acid thrown in her face... too much. When I was younger, didn't understand why girls got involved in so much trouble but it all makes plain sense. Some like it for danger but some do it for some formof escapism Lack of positive father/mother figure, broken homes, the media and... lack of decent young boys.

Always wonder what the world is coming to and it's getting worse... Why is a young boy beating and raping his new 8 day old baby? SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!

All those who havent's read the page, here it goes:

Nia Long flossing it!

Heya! After the drama with my laptop, I think all is well.
Anyhoo's, I don't normally blog on fashion but I had to mention something about this dress that Nia Long wore to Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' film/documentary premier. I must say I think it's an outfit I would definitely rock... loves it!Doesn't Nia Long done the outfit justice??? This piece is by designer Nioja McKenzie. I really, really want it and the shoes... maaaarvellous! If only I had a few more £0000 in my account, I'd be flossing ish like this! Go NIA another beautiful and underrated one!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

DRIVING IS A NIGHTMARE...Don't think like it anymore

Had to fuel this out in someway but I'm in such a reflective state right now that I'm starting to be a bit resentful. Resenting having my car. I know this is not a good look but everybody has bad days or nights right? I was meant to go celebrate a b'day with a friend amongst other friends at Abacus last night I probably missed out on one of the best nights out and I was really looking forward to it...

HOWEVER, my night was doomed by lack of parking. Yes, lack of parking. I was literally driving around the whole City of London borough for one hour. I REPEAT...1 HOUR! I'm still upset that I wasn't there celebrate and spoke to the b'day girl herself and she told me the night was a blast. I am sooooo gutted. All because I wanted to drive! Believe me driving is great, in your own space blah-de-blah, you're independent you don't have to worry about getting lifts from people. Then again, being too independent can backfire. I should've asked one of the girls if I could get in the car and that would've been a different situation. I would've been there!

I don't think I will drive for a while, it's wearing me out. I think I should take transport for a bit...

Oh no, my computer is about to be eaten alive! Gotta go...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Questlove's mini-me

Aww this boy is adorable! He's only 4 years old! This little talent is drumming to Kings Of Leon's 'Notion' ahhhh... I swear when I have a baby boy he is gonna be trained to drum, I SWEEEAAAR DOOOOWN! There's nothing else I can say...the video says it all. Bless him picking his nose while drumming, serious skills.

I beg, I beg, I beg-oooh check this link!
I think Questlove needs watch out, lol.


50p's Law :)

Hmmm... I've heard plenty hype about the author Robert Greene's previous books 49th, 48th etc... and I must admit I was very cynical about this. Assuming that his theories were kind of brainwashing but really - it's not about that. It's simply demanding power in whatever you do. Since I've seen a few twitters and mentions of the is book relating to 50p (yes 50p thats what I call him) I decided to make a nice decent purchase on Amazon, £7.50 bredren!

The most powerful things I have picked upfrom this book is it actually doesn't matter what background, colour or gender you are there's really no reason why you can't get to your goals. The only way you can reach your goals is through your ambition. I will admit, 50p is not exactly on my playlist at the mo well a couple of songs but, this man has been through hell and back. Thats what I respect about him, nothing has stopped him! There are times when he feels low, but I gather what pushes him is that you can't settle for less AND lets not forget the man got shot 9 TIMES!

I recommend the book, it's really a good read. I know people are put off because it looks like a bible...a bible shouldn't even scare you anyway! TUT! Honestly, Robert Greene puts 50p's experiences into perspective and I guess for someone like me who has an ambitious mindset, it re-highlights for me an alternative way of thinking. Simply an EYE OPENER!

Have a read, don't be SCURRED :)